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Outstanding Services

We want to enhance your drive around Kosovo and the region by providing comfortable and user friendly vehicles along with tourism information on: 1. Most visited areas, 2. Most attractive sites, and 3. Tailor an advisory list according to the clients’ interest.

Baby Chairs/Booster Seats

Considering our clients and their family background, we have had request and continue having requests for baby seats. Rent A Car In Kosovo does provide baby seat to the clients that request to rent a car in Kosovo from Rent A Car In Kosovo.

Name for Quality Vehicles

Rent A Car In Kosovo has served many clients who, in the mean time were very happy with our services, vehicles, support, and overall as well happy with our advise on what to see and do while driving comfortably with our vehicles around Kosovo.

AT/MT Transmission

Rent A Car In Kosovo provides solutions with a variety of cars among which it has Automatic and Manual Transmisions. To make sure you catch the vehicle you want to drive in Kosovo, contact Rent A Car In Kosovo as in advance as possible, in order for Rent A Car In Kosovo to be able to fulfill your demand accordingly.

GPS on Every Vehicle!

Rent A Car In Kosovo, besides the advise on directions for Kosovo, maps, and other supplementary tools which make your drive around Kosovo comfortable, it also provides GPS tools to enhance and make your driving in Kosovo comfortable. GPS is provided upon request.

24 Hours Support

Through our experience in Kosovo and the region, we feel comfortable to respond to clients’ needs immediately. The team is out there available 24 / 7 to help you with anything needed.


Rent a Car in Kosovo is a new venture resulting from the combined long experiences of two entrepreneurs in: tourism and event management, and respectively, motor engineering and transportation.

We love showing Kosovo to visitors; it makes us – the founders of this business – feel good. Because this is what drives us, it makes us offer you the vehicles so you can have a comfortable drive in Kosovo. 

We have been offering services for tourists and visitors in Kosovo since early 2000, through our parent company Be in Kosovo, hence, when you Rent a Car in Kosovo with us, you will enjoy from a wide range of additional tourism and other advise and services. 

Rent a Car in Kosovo so you really Be in Kosovo.

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